New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

Sataxim is guild leader of Oro .
The guild was founded on Dinera OTS on 25 March 2018.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Phoenix Old (phoenix here)172 Elite Knight
Sataxim (Jazda)142 Master Sorcerer
Almighty Tabasko217 Elder Druid
Songo Skleja (Jebac NAPINACZY)187 Master Sorcerer
Bula Kumpel Chady (BALANS NAD URWISKIEM)171 Master Sorcerer
Bum Gleba Dominando157 Elder Druid
Dender147 Elder Druid
Elitee Knight159 Elite Knight
Idzie Wiosna Panowie172 Master Sorcerer
Kampi147 Master Sorcerer
Kawa160 Druid
Keep Rushing Them123 Elite Knight
Kill Er205 Master Sorcerer
Kubay (xD)147 Elder Druid
Luxorwow (MS HERE)151 Master Sorcerer
Megic Paralayzer179 Master Sorcerer
Mr Masasru99 Elder Druid
Nigdy Nie Boce170 Master Sorcerer
Nikke Druid162 Elder Druid
Ordynator127 Elder Druid
Plastikowy (Pozdrawiam Cinoslawa ;> )138 Elder Druid
Shan Trololo129 Master Sorcerer
Ten Druidem (JAZDA)147 Elder Druid
Top Frager Notoriouss219 Master Sorcerer
Trigger149 Elder Druid
Uts Brat Rp166 Royal Paladin

Invited Characters

Guild Statistic
Number of Members in Guild26
Number of Members Online in Guild0
Total Level in guild4142
Avg Level in guild159
Lowest Level in guildMr Masasru (99 level)
Highest Level in guildTop Frager Notoriouss (219 level)
Number of Invited Members2

Active Wars
Aggressor Information Enemy

30 : 37

On a brutal war
Began on Mar 28 2018, 20:23:44.
The frag limit is set to 999 frags, without any payment.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

1. Lord CharizardLevel: (661)
2. Aeria SaosLevel: (603)
3. Son GokuLevel: (603)
4. FuriatkaLevel: (598)
5. AeriasLevel: (566)
Energy Storm Event
Starts in 0h 0m!
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