4.7.2011 - Dinera OTS New Exp Places

New Exp

in the City Gengia Dodano expowiska z monsterami lizard templar, lizard snakecharmer, lizard sentinel,bog raider, dragon, dragon lord, medusa.

in the City Oken Dodano expowiska z monsterami Dragon, Dragon Lord, Nightmare, Medusa, Grim Reaper, Demon.

in the City Ghenov dodano expowiska z monsterami Earth Elemental, Serpent Spawn, Hellspawn, Lizard High Guard, Draken Elite, Hellhound.

widening the entrance of each ship and improved task of The Old Widow Tiguandas Revenge + from now after the execution lugs boss NPC will automatically move the licks boss.

fixed bodies of all draken + added ability to move by any player regardless of lvl zone protection zone.

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5. RewoLevel: (423)
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