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21.2.2012 - Dinera OTS UPDATE
Quara Quest (lvl 80 +)

on the way to the quest you will meet all kinds of quar

Underground Dragon Quest (lvl 180 +)

incidence of monsters on the way to the quest dragon, dragon lord, ghastly dragon, undead dragon

Levitation Quest (lvl 360 +)

incidence of monsters on the way to the quest elder beholder, braindeath, dragon lord, wyrm, diabolic imp
, undead gladiator, nightmare, destroyer, spectre, phantasm, lost soul, plaguesmith
, behemoth, demon, dark torturer, grim reaper, hellhound, undead dragon + boss Drazer.

in the City Gengia Added exp from monsters Dragon Lord, Spectre, Ghastly Dragon, Hellhound, Undead Dragon + expowisko z Quarami

on a ship in the city Gengia house added + Improved graphic visual system throughout the city.

Fixed faulty Taski and added on a special list tasks

Price bless (!bless on) cheaper to 5 cm and the price of the amulet of loss (!aol on) to 2 cc

I recall about recently given tab maps

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1. The CiachoLevel: (487)
2. RewoLevel: (474)
3. AntyvirusLevel: (457)
4. Madam LussieLevel: (441)
5. ChampionLevel: (425)
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