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31.12.2012 - DINERA OTS UPDATE!

New Arenas, Exp, Tasks!

Military Arena Quest (lvl 280 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

frider, blader, bevior, arad, brazer, heraz, bredberg, recaro, gladiatus, crezor.

Mighty Arena Quest (lvl 320 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

avager, kraber, dekar, herez, slaimer, artera, drazger, pherazon, waterion, firazore.

Elitary Arena Quest (lvl 350 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

warez, drakero, nagaro, laprizer, sweran, marezor, graber, falarez, deathber, the oberon.

to perform the arena should go to the NPC Halvar in the City Svargrond

in the City Gengia added exp from monsters

Dragon Lord, Diabolic Imp, Defiler, Grim Reaper.

added new Tasks with monsters

Bog Raider, Black Knight, Spectre, Warlock, Infernalist, Lost Soul.

Fixed all the raids they will now appear more often they can be seen in a new tab Raids

In the City of Thais (Depo) appeared NPC from the sale of firecrackers New Year (Sylwester)

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