7.5.2011 - Dinera OTS UPDATE

Added 4 new quests + 2 exp in Ghenov with mosters Ghastly Dragon/Draken Elite

Constructor Quest (lvl 200 +)

the existence of monsters on a quest

dragon lord,diabolic imp,destroyer,demon,dark tortur,draken spellweaver,
draken warmaster,draken elite,ghastly dragon, + boss Constructor.

Underground Plant Quest (lvl 250 +)

the existence of monsters on a quest

giant spider,behemoth,plaguesmith,dark tortur,demon
,draken spellweaver,draken abomination,draken warmaster,draken lite,juggernaut + boss Hefardes.

Dragon Scale Helmet Quest (lvl 300 +)

the existence of monsters on a quest

bog raider,hydra,nightmare scion,nightmare,destroyer,behemoth
,plaguesmith,dark tortur,demon,hellhound,juggernaut + boss Certion.

Secret Catacombs Quest (lvl 400 +)

the existence of monsters on a quest

diabolic imp,destroyer,demon,dark tortur,grim reaper,hellhound
,undead dragon,ghastly dragon,draken elite,juggernaut + boss Dementis.

quests seek in Ghenov.

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