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9.11.2011 - Dinera OTS UPDATE

New Quets, Exp, Casino.

Mystical House Quest (lvl 200 +)

the existence of monsters on a quest

giant spider,destroyer,nightmare,demon,dark torturer,hellspawn,hand of cursed fate.

Secret of The King Quest (lvl 500 +)

the existence of monsters on a quest

dragon lord,hydra,nightmare scion,nightmare,destroyer,plaguesmith,demon,grim reaper,dark torturer,hellhound,undead dragon,juggernaut + boss Goliathus.

in Oken added exp from monsters Wyvern, nightmare, frost Dragon.

in Gengia Added exp from monsters Dragon, Dragon Lord, Demon.

Thais in level - 1 system added exciting casinos.

also added chat (Guild Leaders) for guild leaders.

Seek quests in the cities Gengia, Oken.

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