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17.8.2012 - Dinera OTS UPDATE!
New Quests, Exp, Tasks.

Galactic Quest (lvl 320 +)

incidence of monsters on the way to the quest necromancer, braindeath, nightmare scion, dark torturer, grim reaper, draken elite, hand of cursed fate, ghastly dragon, undead dragon, juggernaut + boss Energizer.

Dungeon Quest (lvl 400 +)

incidence of monsters on the way to the quest bog rider, destroyer, nightmare, serpent spawn, son of verminor, plaguesmith, lost soul, betrayed wraith, dark torturer, draken elite, demon, grim reaper, undead dragon, hand of cursed fate, juggernaut + Boss Volderion.

in the City Gengia added exp with monsters necromancer, werewolf, sea serpent.

added twenty new tasks!

A list of all new tasks

Apes, Thornback Tortoises, Gnarlhounds, Terramites, Gargoyles, Lancer Beetles, Killer Caimans, Ancient Scarabs, Wyverns, Wailing Widows, Bonebeasts, Crystal Spiders, Mutated Tigers, Brimstone Bugs, Werewolfs, Nightmares, High Class Lizards, Hellspawns, Drakens, Grim Reapers

quests seek in the City Gengia

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