7.11.2012 - Dinera OTS New Arenas!

New Arenas of Svargrond!

Average Arena Quest (lvl 150 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

froster, blooder, bavis, achred, colero barbarian, hairez, bredbegor, rocker, crou gladiator, crozer.

Strong Arena Quest (lvl 200 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

avegor, krebash, darker, hager, slimer, quarter, drazel, phantom of earth, phantom of water, phantom of fire.

Hard Arena Quest (lvl 250 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

wapster, draker, nergor, lerdon, svarden, maskaren, gnorez, falarizer, deathero, the oblivion.

to perform the arena should go to the NPC Halvar in the city of Svargrond.

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