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16.7.2013 - Dinera OTS New Quests!

New Quests, Run Event, Exp.

Added Arathar Quest (lvl 240 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

gozzler, nightmare scion, nightmare, diabolic imp, destroyer, the count, lost soul, dark torturer, demon, hellhound, undead dragon.

Added Sealer Quest (lvl 300 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

witch, assassin, death blob, mutated tiger, werewolf, bog raider, worker golem, giant spider, war golem, warlock, defiler, dark torturer, hellspawn, behemoth, ghastly dragon, deathslicer, demon, hellfire fighter, juggernaut.

Added Hardcore Arena Quest (lvl 380 +)

the presence of monsters in the arena

werazor, deraker, negaron, leprazor, sewaron, merezar, gerbezar, ferezor, deataber, the devil.

Added Run Event.
The prize of the event is one of Sms Shop items.

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

in the City Pyre added exp with monsters

nightmare, Fury, draken elite, ghastly dragon.

Quests can be found in Cities Pyre, Oken, Svargrond.

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