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10.11.2013 - Dinera OTS NEW UPDATE!

New Exp, Tasks, Top Quest Makers, Top Task Makers, New Event and Quests!

Added Inferno Quest (lvl 260 +)

occurrence of monsters on the way to the quest.

bog raider, hydra, nightmare scion, nightmare, serpent spawn, diabolic imp, destroyer, plaguesmith, behemoth, hellhound, juggernaut + Boss Dementor.

Added Underground Hell Quest (lvl 300 +)

occurrence of monsters on the way to the quest.

mutated human, giant spider, undead gladiator, werewolf, hydra, hellspawn, behemoth, destroyer, plaguesmith, dark torturer, grim reaper, hellfire fighter, hellhound + Boss Radomer.

added new Tasks with monsters.

frost dragon (Boss Frazer), plaguesmith (Boss Plagar), blightwalker (Boss Brighter), hellfire fighter (Boss Firezar), juggernaut (Boss Jungler).

in the City of Oken added new hunting grounds with monsters.

wyrm, dragon lord, frost dragon, hellspawn, fury, juggernaut.

in the City Gengia added new hunting grounds with monsters.

earth elemental, hydra, infernalist, diabolic imp, serpent spawn, defiler, medusa, demon.

added Defense the Base Event!

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

added a new bookmark Top Quest Makers!

added a new bookmark Top Task Makers!

In the City of Thais (Depo) appeared NPC from the sale of firecrackers New Year (Sylwester)

Quests can be found in Cities Pyre, Oken.

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