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New Quests, Event, Tasks and Exp.

added Tactical Quest (lvl 270 +)

the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.

giant spider, werewolf, nightmare, diabolic imp, destroyer, behemoth, hellspawn, plaguesmith, dark torturer, hellfire fighter, undead dragon, juggernaut + boss Tactic

added Underground Jungle Quest (lvl 320 +)

the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.

tarantula, gargoyle, giant spider, bog raider, ancient scarab, nightmare scion, destroyer, behemoth, plaguesmith, dark torturer, juggernaut + Boss Rahelion.

added King of The Pharaohs Quest (lvl 550 +)

the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.

diabolic imp, nightmare, destroyer, behemoth, plaguesmith, blightwalker, betrayed wraith, lost soul, dark torturer, demon, grim reaper, hand of cursed fate, undead dragon, juggernaut + Boss Terofar.

Added Swim Event.

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

added tasks with monsters

Diabolic Imp, Defiler, Fury, Betrayed Wraith, Dark Torturer.

in the City Pyre added exp with monsters

Wyrm, Frost Dragon, Quara Predator, Sea Serpent, Nightmare, Destroyer, Draken Spellweaver, Fury.

in account management added the ability to hide outfit, equipment, hp and mana, last exp, skills, quests, death, frag. practically everything that appears on the search characters.

from now on board Thais can enjoy rar Items of the best quests.

In the City of Thais (Depo) appeared NPC from the sale of firecrackers New Year (Sylwester).

Quests can be found in Cities Oken, Pyre, Vip Land.

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