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14.10.2020 - Over 10 Years Server Dinera OTS!

New Quests, Raids, Exp and Paintball Event.

Added Amber Chamber Quest (lvl 250 +)

presence of monsters on the quest

Nightmare, Destroyer, Behemoth, Diabolic Imp, Demon. Dark Torturer, Ghastly Dragon, Hellhound + Boss Amberos.

Added Underground House Quest (lvl 400 +)

presence of monsters on the quest

Nightstalker, Crystal Spider, Frost Dragon, Nightmare Scion, Nightmare, Behemoth, Plaguesmith, Demon, Grim Reaper, Dark Torturer, Ghastly Dragon, Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Juggernaut.

Added Champion Underworld Quest (lvl 600 +)

presence of monsters on the quest

Plaguesmith, Demon, Fury, Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Juggernaut + Boss Bertilos.

In the desert Ankrahmun added raid with new boss Instalazer.

In the city Edron added new raids with monsters

Goblin, Goblin Assassin, Wild Warrior, Hunter, Orc Berserker, Monk, Priestess, Necromancer, Wyvern, Warlock.

in the city Gengia added new hunting grounds with monsters

Souleater, Dragon Lord, Hero, Black Knight, Spectre, Infernalist, Nightmare, Fury, Grim Reaper.

Added Paintball Event

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

you can find quests in the cities Oken, Vip Land.

Server Dinera OTS was created 6 March, 2010 year.

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5. BaldurLevel: (8)
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