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Rudy One is guild leader of Demoralize.
The guild was founded on Dinera OTS on 12 May 2023.

Sorcerer Druid Paladin Knight
13 (19.12%)4 (5.88%)41 (60.29%)10 (14.71%)

Top Skilled Players
Rudy Fifteen
Robie Kesz
Grande Cohones
Breeg Six
Captin Temmo On Duty
Robie Kesz
Rudy Sie Zeni
Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Magic

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Rudy Sie Zeni (Bejba)559 Master Sorcerer
Saraa239 Royal Paladin
Becel244 Paladin
Breeg Four308 Royal Paladin
Breeg One273 Royal Paladin
Breeg Six305 Elite Knight
Breeg Three8 Paladin
Captin Temmo On Duty242 Royal Paladin
Czap230 Master Sorcerer
Czapek206 Master Sorcerer
Czapislawa259 Master Sorcerer
Deempah271 Royal Paladin
Deempahh259 Royal Paladin
Dempah165 Royal Paladin
Deyla177 Royal Paladin
Edyr8 Druid
Fafqulec164 Royal Paladin
Furi Rp282 Royal Paladin
Furia Rp284 Royal Paladin
Gargulec148 Royal Paladin
Grande Cohones279 Elite Knight
Harkulec117 Paladin
Hiros225 Royal Paladin
Knight Breeg202 Elite Knight
Latajaca Assassinka258 Royal Paladin
Master Krockop7 Sorcerer
Moris285 Elite Knight
Morison250 Knight
Notosiema181 Royal Paladin
Paladyn Breeg296 Royal Paladin
Riczi (Brakuje Eda)223 Master Sorcerer
Robie Kesz21 Elite Knight
Ruda Czarownica8 Paladin
Ruda Joanna107 Royal Paladin
Rudy Diabel98 Royal Paladin
Rudy Eight458 Royal Paladin
Rudy Eighteen467 Royal Paladin
Rudy Eleven109 Master Sorcerer
Rudy Fifteen110 Elite Knight
Rudy Five8 Knight
Rudy Four8 Druid
Rudy Fourteen473 Master Sorcerer
Rudy Grabarz203 Royal Paladin
Rudy Grzesznik86 Royal Paladin
Rudy Mechanik303 Royal Paladin
Rudy Miotacz273 Royal Paladin
Rudy Nine177 Paladin
Rudy Nineteen496 Royal Paladin
Rudy One8 Sorcerer
Rudy Oszust8 Paladin
Rudy Pesos Mejker433 Paladin
Rudy Seven207 Royal Paladin
Rudy Seventeen469 Royal Paladin
Rudy Six488 Elite Knight
Rudy Sixteen210 Paladin
Rudy Ten Prawdziwy50 Elder Druid
Rudy Thirteen122 Elder Druid
Rudy Three8 Sorcerer
Rudy Twelve20 Sorcerer
Rudy Twenty444 Royal Paladin
Rudy Two8 Sorcerer
Rychos27 Sorcerer
Sithaadoz8 Paladin
Spocony Na Jajach166 Royal Paladin
Spocony Na Tesciu152 Paladin
Szybka Assassinka284 Royal Paladin
Young163 Royal Paladin
Zarabiam Hajs163 Elite Knight

Invited Characters
Moj Stary Wdywanie
Skyman Rp

Guild Statistic
Number of Members in Guild68
Number of Members Online in Guild15
Total Level in guild13797
Avg Level in guild203
Lowest Level in guildMaster Krockop (7 level)
Highest Level in guildRudy Sie Zeni (559 level)
Number of Invited Members3

Active Wars
Aggressor Information Enemy

4 : 9

On a brutal war
Began on May 15 2023, 21:01:52.
The frag limit is set to 1000 frags, without any payment.

Game Over
Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

1. KryminalistaLevel: (673)
2. CamehaLevel: (616)
3. Keyser SozeLevel: (597)
4. Rudy Sie ZeniLevel: (559)
5. DoktorLevel: (547)
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